Royal County Equine

Training, Rehabilitation & Injury Management

Based in the beautiful Irish countryside, Royal County Equine specialise in correct, gadget free, considerate & consistent backing, training & rehabilitiation of horses across all levels. Additionally we provide rider training, group clinics & demos (we even enjoy the occasional spot of judging!) in both Ireland & the UK. Horses & riders from all disciplines are welcomed to our base in Ireland for residential training courses.


Most owners recognise the importance of giving your young horse the very best possible introduction to a ridden career. James Purcell specialises in training & producing the young horse & indeed re-schooling those that for one reason or another didn't have a suitable start to their education.
His patience is endless & the time he will spend with them is limitless.


Successful rehabilitation of injured horses is a specialist field which requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of the horse. Many horses arrive with a tendon injury but are also suffering from a back or shoulder injury, which transpires to be the direct cause of the original tendon damage. It is essential that treatment is via an "entire horse" approach, one in which our team excel. It is only through decades of valuable experience & with the support, cooperation, skill & understanding of our team that we have attained such a high success rate in injuries often deemed hopeless.


James Purcell & Ali Cox combine decades of experience across every possible equestrian discipline. Both enjoyed solid competitive success as riders (& James continues to do so) but each hankered to better understand what makes horses tick & how to best rehabilitate injuries that horses inevitably incur. Over the past thirty years they have engaged & secured an incredible team of experts who share the same goal.

Introducing Our Team!

Long term, experienced yard team & professional specialists

  • Lisadell Equine Hospital & Veterinary Centre
  • Toni Graham - Equine Massage Therapist, CEMT, BHSI
  • Adrian Sutherland - IAEDT, Master in Equine Dentistry
  • Mark Durning - Equine Dental Technician
  • Ted McLaughlin - Chiropractic, Bio Energy Healing Therapy
  • John Roche - Chiropractic Practitioner
  • Phil Rodgers - MRCVS, Acupuncture Therapist
  • Larry & Ivor Wintors - Masters in Remedial Farriery
  • Anthony Coyne - Veterinary Surgeon, Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

Around Our Yard

Have a wander around our place!

Image of some of our stables Image of a stable interior image of an equine horse walker Image James holding a young horse Image of horses grazing Image of remedial horse shoes Student in Ireland Horse having his teeth floated