Royal County Equine

Injury Management & Equine Rehabilitation

We have developed an excellent reputation as specialists in successfully managing injuries for both soundness & asthetic, while our individual approach to correct rehabilitatiton has resulted in returning horses to full work, previously considered untreatable.

Injury Management & Rehabilitation

We have an outstanding success rate in treating open wounds, tendons, ligament damage, swellings & specialise in post operative care. Our primary aim is to provide exceptional wound management & promote good healing with minimal proud flesh & many of our cases have returned to life in the show ring. We have visting support where required from the fantastic veterinary team based at Lisadell Equine Hospital & we liase closely with each owner, providing regular updates of progress. You are also welcome to visit at any time.


Our unique straight line, rail-gliding horse walker is invaluable for the rehabilitation of tendon, back & shoulder injuries. Custom desgined by KRAFT in Germany our walker is 40m in length & 10m wide removing the tortional stress associated with lunging. Each horse has approximately four times it's own length to allow unrestricted movement, partitioned by a perforated rubber sheet & is individually monitored during exercise.

Hydrotherapy Units provide cold aerated salt water, perfect for reducing heat & swelling thus relieving pain. The application of cold triggers three basic reactions. Firstly, at a cellular level, the metabolic response of the cells is reduced, so the cells need less oxygen to function & thereby suffer less hypoxic injury. Secondly, the permeability of the blood vessel walls is decreased, reducing the amount of fluid that accumulates in the injured area - & thirdly, the cold numbs the area to a certain degree, acting as a topical analgesic. One of the best things about cold is that it does not override the beneficial effects of the healing process, since the application of cold should not be overdone (overuse of ice, for example can cause tissue damage).

The salt concentration has an impact on the healing process with higher concentrations providing a greater drawing effect, influencing the dispersal of fluids accumulated around the injury. Aeration of the water improves oxygen content & the soft tissue is subjected to a gentle massaging action. It's thought that increased oxygen levels aids the healing process much as hyperbaric chambers do, while the massage effect influences dispersal of fluids. Horses tend to relax more than in still cold water & their heart rates reduce.

We installed a solarium over the hydrotherapy unit to provide additional benefits during treatments. Short wave infra red light is readily absorbed into soft tissue where it stimulates circulation, improves cellular metabolism & relieves pain & tension (...we often find staff under there...)


Our yard has been developed for successful rehabilitation.

  • KRAFT Straight Line Walker
  • Panama Spa Hydrotherapy Unit
  • Goodwood Equarium Horse Solarium
  • Large Outdoor Cushioned Arena
  • Master of Remedial Farrier Specialist
  • Chiropractic, Acupunture & Massage Therapies

Injury, Rehabilitation & Clinic Images

Please note faded, striped images show graphic injury.

image of large outdoor horse arena in the sunlight Image of James teaching ISPCA Students Image of Equine Dentist RCE Demo RCE Demo