Royal County Equine

Getting it right - right from the start!

James Purcell is both owner & trainer at Royal County Equine & his involvement with horses has been lifelong. His first introduction to riding was a donkey aged just three! He spent many years competing in showjumping, eventing & successfully showing his fathers horses, during which time he was privileged to train with Lt Ronnie McMahon, Jock Ferrie & latterly Paul Darragh. James fuss-free backing methods, combined with his quiet manner, result in willing, well balanced, responsive & confident young horses.


Everything begins on the ground! From understanding & establishing good manners to long reining through ditches, every new experience is essential to the young horse' education & confidence. Tack is kept to a minimum with no gadgetry, a cavasson bridle without noseband & a snaffle from the Hippus Bit Range (developed over thirty years by Leith Ryan, Master Certified Equine Dentist). This approach has proven hugely beneficial, ensuring a soft, willing & happy ridden horse who uses his frame correctly. Instilling relaxed & forward movement, maximises correct use of the horses muscles & conformation, balances the horse & helps to prevent injury commonly caused by incorrect carriage & repetitive stress.


Increasingly being asked to retrain horses with 'behavior problems' or handle 'problem youngsters' James began to develop his own training & handling methods which he continues to use with outstanding success. Many of the issues being presented were in fact, often created by a simple lack of equine understanding, something evidently innate in James. His patience & expertise have literally saved the lives of many equines & by sharing his insight he has enabled many owners to better understand their horses behaviour & in turn, build an enjoyable relationship & fulfilling future.


In addition to backing, training & re-training James also produces horses to the highest standard for many competitive disciplines, simply get in touch & we'd be happy to discuss your requirements further. Below are just a few of the horses who have enjoyed strutting their stuff in the arena with James!

Backing the Young Horse

What will my horse learn?

Typically James will train your youngster from the ground, establishing good manners & willing co-operation, introduce long-reining along roads & tracks, in open fields & in the arena before progressing with backing & ridden work. Schooling includes all the basics as well as learning to load, outings to local events, introduction to cross country fences such as water, hedges & drops in addition to making use of our local gallops. We encourage owners to come & stay, or visit their horse & be trained by James during the process to better understand methods used & ensure positive continuation of the horses development. Full livery, residential or working pupil terms welcome.

Schooling & Producing

Photos of owners, horses & demos.

Image of James schooling a young horse over water complex Image of James schooling a young horse over water complex Image of James schooling a young horse Image of horse wearing a first place rosette Image of students listening to James Image of James with young rider Happy owner after a lesson Rider falling from horse at jump